About Us

ReUseIt Teamphoto

Our Company

  • ReUseIt, LLC is a family-owned, professional trucking and logistics organization contracted for hire by our local nonprofit partners to pick up donations on their behalf.
  • We are a professional organization with over 40 years of experience in the salvageable personal property industry. Our expertise is in sourcing merchandise from communities to benefit local nonprofit organizations while responsibly recycling to help the environment.

Our Experience

  • The leadership team at ReUseIt has been providing household recycling solutions that benefit local nonprofit organizations since 1972. Since that time, the owners & leaders of ReUseIt have helped fund over $250 million dollars in unrestricted revenue to our local charity partners.
  • ReUseIt was formed in 2011 to meet the growing household recycling needs of our local communities. Through our professionalism, shared vision and tireless dedication over the past four decades, we have earned our position as a leader in the household recycling industry.

Our Commitment

  • The ReUseIt team is fully committed to providing exceptional customer service to our nonprofit partners, the local community, and the purchasers of usable household donations. All of us at ReUseIt take great pride in supporting our local community, protecting our environment and being part of a socially responsible recycling effort.
  • At the core of ReUseIt is great passion and deep-rooted professional values that have been a part of doing business for over forty years.
  • Through our community-based recycling efforts, ReUseIt is committed to partnering with well-established, nonprofit organizations that directly benefit people throughout our local communities. It is important to us that all monies raised through our efforts directly benefit our local community – we make it our business to make a difference!

Our Services

  • ReUseIt offers unique fundraising opportunities to local community-based nonprofit organizations through our donation pick-up service program, community donation stations, on-site donation drives and donation drop-box programs.
  • ReUseIt helps make a meaningful difference in our local communities by providing convenient household recycling solutions for donations of usable household items such as clothing, toys, furniture, books and other household items to our local community. All of our household recycling services directly benefit local nonprofit organizations in our community.