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Commitment & Experience

All of us at ReUseIt are dedicated to providing professional services and on-going to support to our local nonprofit partners. Our leadership team has been dedicated to helping many local nonprofit organizations raise much-need funding through successful Household Donation Recycling Programs for over 40 years! ReUseIt is a new organization that posses over four decades of industry knowledge, expertise, dedication and successful results.

What does ReUseIt look for in a nonprofit partner?

Honesty and integrity are key core values at the heart of all of our partnerships. In addition, it is important to us that we partner with well-established nonprofit organizations that provide direct programs and services within our local communities. We believe strongly that if people within a community are willing to donate their usable clothing and household items to a charity, the funds raised through this effort must directly benefit the local community.

ReUseIt is very selective when it comes to
selecting nonprofit partners.

How to Become a Partner

  • Be a currently registered 501(c) charity
  • Be registered, and in good standings, with all appropriate local, state and federal organizations responsible for regulating charitable organization.
  • Be a reputable charity actively providing direct benefits to the local communities.

Why ReUseIt?

NOTE: Be sure to read the About Us section for a little bit more information about our organization.

ReUseIt, through our contractual agreements, enables nonprofit organizations to receive the much-needed funding generated through the sale of household donations without having to deplete the nonprofit organization’s limited resources trying to manage and operate an entire Household Donation Recycling program. Our nonprofit partners appreciate the consistent source of revenue, and are grateful to ReUseIt for providing this professional community service!

The dedicated team at ReUseIt has a proven track record of managing and operating successful household recycling programs. ReUseIt, through contractual agreements, is able to work directly with well-established, local nonprofit organizations to ensure sustainable funding for the charity. By contracting with ReUseIt, selected nonprofit organizations are able to focus their time and resources on their important causes and missions rather than on matters that take them away from providing important programs and services in our communitities.

Committed to Making A Difference LOCALLY!


Our team is proud to have made a big difference in many local
communities by helping to raise over $250 million dollars in
funding for our nonprofit partners over the past four decades!

Kudos From Our Community