Recycling Information

ReUseIt is proud to be a responsible recycler.

The United States is the number one trash producing country in the world generating around 1,600 pounds of trash per person every year according to the IL Recycling Association. In other words, that’s five percent of the population generating 40% of the world’s waste. ReUseIt is doing our part to combat this staggering figure by collecting usable clothing & household items so that they do not end up being thrown into community landfills.

ReUseIt is dedicated to socially responsible recycling, and is committed to making a difference locally every day. Currently, the ReUseIt team helps keeps over 16-million pounds of usable clothing & household goods out of area landfills each year. That breaks down to over 43,500 pounds of usable items every day!

All of the usable items collected by ReUseIt are sold to local area thrift stores and thrift store suppliers in order to help generate the much-needed funding for our local nonprofit partners. Any items not suited for retail are recycled through reputable recycling businesses that find new uses for them, turn them into usable rags, or distribute them to developing countries around the world.

Every effort is made to keep all items out of our landfills. This even includes the bags and cardboard boxes that hold the donations we collect.

In California’s North Bay Area and Bay Area, ReUseIt is proud to recycle with ecollective. In California’s Greater Sacramento Area, ReUseIt recycles with California Electronic Asset Recovery, Inc. (CEAR, Inc.) In New Mexico, ReUseIt recycles with Rubi Metals. We take great pride in our commitment to recycling all unwanted and obsolete electronic waste items properly and responsibly.

Does ReUseIt accept Electronics/E-Waste?

Yes. We accept electronic donations. We do offer all of our donations for resale, so it is important that you protect your privacy by deleting any personal data from your hard drives and digital/electronic devices.

Proudly working together with ecollective, powered by ECS Refining and California Electronic Asset Recovery, Inc., – two of the largest, most reputable electronics recycling organizations in the industry, ReUseIt guarantees that all unwanted and obsolete electronics not sold for resale in our California markets are destroyed and recycled properly. The recycling process involves many steps including separation, dismantling, shredding, smelting and reprocessing. As part of our California State reporting requirements, we do need your name, address and phone number. It is guaranteed that this information will be used for California State reporting purposes only.