Why Donate?

1. Responsible Recycling Helps Our Planet!

The US generates an average of 25 billion pounds of textiles (clothing, footwear, accessories, towels, bedding, drapery, etc) a year! That is about 82 pounds per US resident!
Of that 25 billion pounds, only 15% (3.8 Billion) gets recycled, leaving 85% (21 billion) to landfill!
ReUseIt is part of the solution! We help divert over 16 million pounds of usable clothing & household items out of our local landfills each year!

2. Giving Back LOCALLY Makes a Difference to Others!

You have choices on what to do with the usable clothing and household items you no longer use or need. ReUseIt offers a tax-deductible way for you to donate your usable items and make a difference LOCALLY! ReUseIt partners with local schools and nonprofit organizations in your community so you feel good about making a difference in your own community!

3. De-Cluttering & Organizing Your Space Feels SO Good!

Less Clutter, Less Stress! When people clean out their closets, cabinets, garages and other personal space areas, it can provide an overall better sense of well-being. Even one bag of donations makes a HUGE difference!