Common Questions

What Are Donation Pickup Reminders?

You may choose a preferred method for the donation pickup reminders, either an email or text message. These gentle reminders will be sent a week before ReUseIt will be preforming pickups in your neighborhood next and again two days before to place donations on the curb for pick-up by 8am the following morning. Reminders will include an earnings update with how much $$ has been raised to support education for your local school district!

Do I Have To Donate When I Receive A Reminder?

No not at all. Our trucks will be driving your route once a month rain or shine. Every donation big or small helps our local schools so please donate as often as possible. We certainly understand if you do not donate every time we service your route. Place your donations out for pickup only when you would like to participate. We just want to make it supper easy for you when you do have any items to donate.

Will I Be Able To Turn Off Reminders?

Yes you will. ReUseIt will send out 2 reminders a month and promises to not blow up your in box or send a multitude of texts to your phone. You will be able to turn off reminders whenever you wish.

How Do I Change My Email Or Address If I Move?

It’s easy! Go to under your registered email address and let us know when your email or phone number has changed.

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