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Easy Guide To The Summer-To-Fall Closet Changeover

Our friend over at the Huffington Post gave a great guide to transitioning all those summer clothes you still have in your closet – away and start getting ready for fall! And that includes donating any summer wear that you don’t want to store all year until the sun comes out or just don’t fit any more.


This method assumes that you’re dealing with a closet, and have room underneath your bed to store items. We’re also going with classic supplies: under-the-bed bins. You’re welcome to apply your own method here — the advice can still apply — but we’re gearing this discussion towards those of us who have a tendency to put off what is essentially a simple home chore.

You’ll need: A few garbage bags, a hamper, under-the-bed storage boxes and hangers.

First, start with your summer clothes.

Clean all your clothes one more time. Any trace of perspiration, skin oils or stains can end up damaging the clothing item over time. (Just don’t make any of these common laundry mistakes.) Also do a quick check on summer shoes.

Weed through your clothes. Anything that’s too old, too tight or in terrible shape goes in a trash bag to donate later. Don’t waste precious storage box space on something that isn’t worth your time. Be ruthless. These go immediately into a trash bag or box to be donated (think of one of ReUseIt’s many donation locations to donate your items.LINK

Keep any pieces you can still wear in the fall, such as: lightweight blazers, jackets and cardigans. You know your area’s climate best. Hang these in your closet (except for cardigans, which should be rolled to preserve their shape).

Now, it’s time to put all those clean, dry summer clothes away.

Rolling vs. folding. We prefer the rolling technique (particularly when it comes to knit fabrics), because it lets us fit more in our storage bins. Watch the video below for a demo on how to do the “military roll” technique.

Organize like with like. T-shirts go with t-shirts, dresses go with dresses and so on.

Keep a little bit of space at the top. You don’t want to fill the storage bins all the way to the lid line. Leaving an inch or so will let your clothing breathe.

Now, for your fall clothing…

Take all clothing out of storage to let it air out. Check garments for stains and spots that you missed last year.

Weed through any clothing that you’d rather not wear this season. These go immediately into a trash bag or box to be donated (think of one of ReUseIt’s many donation locations to donate your items.LINK

Send any heavy jackets and coats to be dry-cleaned, if need be. Wash and dry the remaining clothes to get rid of that “plastic” storage smell. Hang fall clothes, organizing by type.

And now you’re done!

Check out the full article over at the Huffington Post for more information and other great stories: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/21/closet-organizing-fall_n_5850838.html