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Live Well & Donating More

For this ReUseIt blog we took inspiration from Living Well Spend Less blog writer for these tips on minimizing your closet while maximizing style with keeping only the best selection for your wardrobe while donating the rest! View her original post here.


Purge ruthlessly.

Keep only those pieces that you absolutely love and that you currently wear on a regular basis. If something doesn’t fit, has holes or stains, is out of season, or you just really don’t like it anymore, it needs to come out. Determine each item’s fate. Just because it comes out right now doesn’t mean you have to throw it out or donate it. Likewise, torn or stained items might just need a little TLC to get them good as new, and other items, such as jeans or t-shirts, are great pieces to add to your donation bin in your closet.

Invest in great hangers.

It is such a simple thing, but buying a limited quantity of really nice hangers was the best motivation to finally weed out everything you didn’t love. It really wasn’t a huge investment but psychologically it can make all the difference. And frankly, even inexpensive clothes seem luxurious when hanging on nice hangers.

Minimize your losses.

Just because you are getting rid of a lot doesn’t mean you have to take a total loss. Clothes & accessories that are in good shape can be brought to a consignment shop or donated to benefit a local nonprofit organization like ReUseIt.

Make it easy to keep things in order.

Set up a no-fail system that is simple to maintain. Keep ALL clothes in the closet (rather than dresser drawers) because it is easier to see what you have. Have clearly labeled baskets for the things that are hard to fold–swimwear, socks, pajamas, & accessories. Keeping the laundry hamper in the closet as well–it makes sorting laundry so much simpler!

Practice careful procurement.

Once you’ve managed to pare your closet down to the bare minimum and have kept the pieces you truly love, keep it that way! When buying something new, choose quality over quantity. Resist the urge to buy something simply because it is on sale. You are always better off buying ONE piece that you love than TEN items that are just okay.

Re-evaluate regularly.

It is a good idea to re-assess, re-sort, and re-evaluate your closet every few months. Once a season, double check to make sure that your items are still in good shape, that they still fit, and that they are free of stains & holes. If necessary, pull seasonal items out of storage to add to the rotation, and store any items that are no longer seasonally appropriate. When in doubt, donate!