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Purging to Organize Over 30 days!

Every one of us here at ReUseIt is a fan of decluttering and organization, especially when it results in those items going to benefit a charitable cause! Organizing your home can be a very fun and rewarding experience, and many have made it their mission to create tips and tools for you to achieve your decluttering goals! Over at “A Bowl Full of Lemons” , a growing blog community of people who aspire to get their lives in order, they have great tips and articles for just that! We took inspiration from their 31 day purge for 2014 and gave it a spin for those who want to donate to ReUseIt’s nonprofit partners in 2015.
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We have too much stuff & it’s taking over. We’re organizing clutter and it’s time to simplify our lives & purge it once and for all. The real issue lies within the amount of stuff we have to maintain & organize. A solution to the problem at hand (too much stuff), is once we face it & do something about it, organizing our lives will fall into place a little smoother.


To help you clear your homes of clutter, host a 31 day series. Each day, sort through the clutter in small chunks in specific areas of your homes; such as the closet, garage, or the bedroom. Then on the last day of the month, you donate the clutter to a hosting charitable organization through ReUseIt! Which one you choose is all up to you. The purpose of this series is to purge your home, a little at a time. It can be overwhelming to purge all at once. By allocating a few minutes a day, you will see a huge difference by day 31.



Label each bin with an appropriate sign. If you want, you can laminate them & use them over and over! Once you are finished purging a space, move the contents of each box into the designated area. If you are donating, place items in a trash bag & take to the garage (start a purge pile). If you are saving for another space, store items in large cardboard boxes or Rubbermaid totes (in the garage) & add to the boxes as you purge each day.

Drop Boxes

ReUseIt offers conveniently located, well-managed Donation Drop-Box containers throughout our local communities. Our Donation Drop-Boxes offer people a quick and easy way to donate usable clothing & shoes, as well as other small household items.

Donation Centers

ReUseIt offers convenient drop-off Community Donation Centers where you may simply drop-off your usable clothing and household donations.

Home Pick-Up Program

ReUseIt provides a free & convenient Household Donation Pick-Up Program throughout our local communities. All donations of usable clothing & household items collected on neighborhood truck routes benefit our local nonprofit partners.

*As with all donations, don’t forget to collect a receipt! You can deduct this from your taxes.