ReUseIt is proud to have had the opportunity to serve the Rio Rancho community and help raise funding for education in Rio Rancho Public Schools through our unique Clothing & Household Recycling Program. Together we kept thousands of usable items out of our landfills and raised over $1,650 for our schools without any family having to spend a dime! Bravo!

Unfortunately, due to increased costs and limited participation, we are unable to sustain this program in Rio Rancho. Effective, February 3, 2017, ReUseIt will no longer be picking up Clothing & Household Donations in the Rio Rancho community. Donation Drop Boxes will picked up from the school campuses on Thursday, February 2nd and our last neighborhood picks-ups will be Route #1 on Wednesday, February 1st and Route #7 on Thursday, February 2nd. Thank you for your support.